Om at Work creates happier, focused, and more peaceful people through the practice of SEED meditation (simple, easy, everyday), which helps to create a new “normal,” and sense of well-being from the inside out. This modern approach to meditation is accessible to all employees at any level without experience (no experience is required).


Weekly Regular Class

This is a 30-45 minute weekly or bi weekly class, which consists of 10-15 minutes of instruction and a 20 minute Guided Meditation.

Lunch and Learn

This is an hour to an hour and a half presentation on the basics of meditation: Mindful Eating and Guided Meditation.

On-Site Meditation Retreats

Choose from a (4) or (7)-hour presentation on the SEED Meditation techniques including Mindful Eating, Mindful Walking and Guided Meditation. Option to add a yoga practice is also available.

Offsite Retreats

Bring meditation and/or yoga to your off-site meetings or retreats that provide an opportunity and an environment for participants to go deeper into their experience. Program tailored to your specific needs.

Companies practicing meditation with Om at work include:

Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital

McGraw Hill  in Burr Ridge

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois