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Mindfulness = Humaness In the Workplace

Corporations have become very focused on the bottom line and have forgotten that it takes living breathing humans doing the work to get to the profits. Because much of the basic needs of humans are not longer the main focus of most corporations the culture has become one of constant worry, wonder and stress about performance, competition and just keeping their job. The days of loyalty, doing a good job and being rewarded with longevity and a nice pension no longer exist and it has created a workforce of stressed out people who work in “fight or flight”mode.

Mindfulness practices can be taught and used as tools to begin to shift the mindset and  see the benefit of an employee being healthy, focused and feel like they are an important part of the company, not disposable at the first sign of trouble or decrease in profits.

When practicing Mindfulness techniques the part of the brain that see’s the bigger picture is affected, in the pre-frontal cortex we see the world as a friendly place and we can learn to relax into our experiences. The workplace (and life in general) can be perceived as being there for our good. When we see the world from this perspective we are more compassionate, focused on doing a good job, not to mention more able to be creative. We learn how to respond instead of react and to see the good in our work and the people we work with.

Mindfulness can be accessed by the gateways of the senses, the body and the breath. Simply noticing the sounds, the chair you are sitting in and the weight of your body in the chair. Taking time for mindful or deep breathing and scanning the body to feel the sensations and emotions, all with a very easy attitude without judging but with a noticing awareness. These gateways can be accessed during any activity, and when practiced regularly begin to change the landscape of the brain and eventually the culture.

Join the movement to bring the human ness back into the workplace. Mindfulness is a simple concept but requires instruction and support from an experienced teacher or trainer. It is a tool that will bring corporations into a new era of profits and compassion.