Why Meditate at Work

Om at Work teaches techniques that help employees to de-stress, tap into creativity and mindfully engage in their lives and work. Being more focused, creative and more aware of the present moment allows an awareness of the important role each person plays in your organization.

“Bringing your whole self to work; mind, heart and body helps you find the best response to a situation.”
Pamela Weiss

Services can be tailored to fit your needs. The intention is to make this practice easy and accessible as well as to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. Some examples are:

Stress Reduction: Finding calm, balance, and letting go of worry or rumination; more energy and vitality

Focus: Stimulating the brain’s capacity to build greater communication; improve concentration, memory, and problem solving skills

Clarity: Techniques to pause and clear the mind, respond instead of react, improve mindset, morale, and loyalty

Engagement: Practices using active listening and mindful speaking; improve communication skills

Creativity: Techniques to unplug and shift for inspiration; increased efficiency

Positivity: Meditation to build positive emotions for a stimulating environment; higher productivity, response time, and focus